April 4th

The following new resources are now available for free use to those trialing our Planet Kaha school programme (and anyone else who first agrees to provide feedback on the documents here.)

  1. ME Time posters provide 30 second Mini Exercise prompts to help improve the mood, health and cognitive ability of students during class time.
  2. Move More, More Often. Whether you’re using our programme or other initiatives pop these posters around the school to serve as a reminder to teachers, students and parents that you are dedicated to helping more students move more often.
  3. 30 every 30 are posters supporting the ME Time classroom initiative and are for parents to use at home to encourage students to move more, with cut out reminders to pop on to desks, TVs and computers.
  4. Newsletter idea for schools

Printed Resources: I am doing up simple order forms for Mission books, teacher guides, stickers, cards, t-shirts, the Planet Kaha tickets etc so that most can be ordered on line and delivered to your door by a printery local to you or a value for money printery like Vistaprint, depending where you are located.  This will be optional and for those who wish to order some or all to same printing time their end.

School Starter Packs:  These will include manuals for teachers, posters and stickers and tickets for 100 students when they complete Mission 1, plus access to all the online material/resources and ability to order more hard copy rewards.

March 2nd

  1. Feedback – parents. Parents may find it too challenging to roll out the programme in its entirety with their own children i.e. independent of a school/gym/holiday camp programme etc. There are a multitude of reasons for this. Parents can however form a beneficial, indeed essential,  part in supporting the completion of a number of the tasks that are best done in the home environment.
  2. Under Review. The programme is currently be looked at by a number of lecturers at the University of Canterbury for further input as well as respected exercise professionals.
  3. Teachers participation and rewards.  The idea has emerged that teachers may benefit from doing the Missions as well and building in a reward for those that do.
  4. Window for completing tasks. A reminder that students need to complete the task within 4 weeks immediately preceding having it ticked off on their worksheet.  The fact that they may be confident in being able to complete the task and/or have done it in years gone by, doesn’t qualify.  The task is in the ‘doing.

Feb 14th

  1. Task 17 Correction: The respiratory task in Mission 1 says it requires internet access but it doesn’t.
  2. Feedback: The first round of feedback has come through and is overwhelmingly positive.  Clarification is probably needed around it being okay for all tasks not to be achievable by all students and that some tasks will be too easy, as well as the progression of difficulty in future missions.

Feb 8th 2019

  1. Prizes:  We have added in the option to go to Silicon Valley in addition to NASA and hoping to include Outward Bound Australia and NZ as well.
  2. Task 2 Correction: ‘Inu’ in Task 2, Mission 1 is the Japanese word for dog, not the Chinese word.
  3. Printing options: We can print Mission Books for schools and have them delivered if printing on site is not possible.
  4. Upload manuals to your school portal:  Schools can upload the student workbooks into your online student’s hub as a PDF or picture files.  Please get in touch if you want each page sent to you as separate JPG (picture file) in order to do this.
  5. Changes to the natural disasters in our stories: In consultation with Dr Taylor, a Clinical Psychologist at Canterbury University the kids now have an option to choose which natural disasters their Missions are built around.  This is more relevant to those accessing the online Portal, but the books will be changed to reflect this as well.
  6. H.A.C.K: The Healthy Action Council of Kids . The aim of the Council will be contribute ideas to helping kids worldwide to become healthier with a focus on increasing activity levels. Feel free to nominate kids to sit on the council here.
  7. Trials.  We are now being trialed in two schools and with several parents.