January 2019

Prizes:  We have added in the option to go to Silicon Valley instead of NASA.

Correction: ‘Inu’ On page 10 of Mission 1 we have incorrectly said Inu is the Chinese word for dog when it is in fact the Japanese word for dog.

Printing options: As an option we will be able to print Mission Books for schools and have them delivered. With the Mission 1 workbook there is a plastic, protective front cover and thicker back cover, with a ring bind.  Later Missions can be offered without covers or ring bind at a cheaper price.

You may instead wish to upload the student workbooks into your online student hub as a PDF or picture files.  Please get in touch if you want each page sent to you as separate JPG (picture file).

Changes to the natural disasters in our stories: In consultation with Dr Taylor, a Clinical Psychologist at Canterbury University the kids now have an option to choose which natural disasters their Missions are built around.  This is more relevant to those accessing the online Portal, but the books will be changed to reflect this as well.

Trial: The programme is currently being trialed in two schools.

H.A.C.K: The Healthy Action Council of Kids . We created this to elicit direct feedback from children doing less than 60 minutes of activity a day. The aim of the Council will be contribute ideas to helping kids worldwide to become healthier with a focus on increasing activity levels. Feel free to nominate kids to sit on the council here.