What teachers are saying

I have never seen a programme like Planet Kaha® . It is very engaging and fun. Just what our youth of today need!

Teachers like that students are getting enthusiastic about the tasks that are stimulating their minds as well as challenging their fitness.

They are simple to follow so many students are able to complete them independently.

I would recommend it to all students from 10 years and up.

Stephanie Pole – Teacher of more than 20 years and now the Hauora Team Leader at Breens Intermediate in Christchurch, New Zealand

What parents are saying

My son, aged 11,  thoroughly enjoyed the Planet Kaha® challenge. His enthusiasm was such that his younger brother wanted to do all the tasks with him.  It was a delight to see the fun they had and how much they learnt overall.  It got us doing some activities as a family that we wouldn’t ordinarily have sought out and started some interesting conversations around healthy eating, movement and health in general.  This was a great experience for the whole family, I highly recommend it.

Emz Courtney – Dentist, Royal Navy Officer, Mum, REPS Personal Trainer, Sport & Exercise Nutrition Coach,

What other professionals are saying 

What you’ve put together is outstanding and will no doubt have an impact on the health  of our children who are suffering in so many ways in today’s modern world.

Dr Nick Kimber: PhD. Exercise Scientist. Registered Degree Qualified Nutritionist. Father of two boys.

Your resources are fabulous. So useful for all. I love them!  Congratulations!

Hilary Blackstock: B.Phys.Ed, Mum of three,  Exercise Industry Award Winner, Community Strengthen & Balance Coordinator.