We have put together 50 unique, hands-on, survival-themed tasks, divided into 4 L.I.F.E. categories:

Lifestyle Intellect Food Exercise.

All designed to bring greater awareness to your student’s health and fitness levels.  Students need to smash out any 30 tasks to survive and score themselves a Survivor’s Certificate!

Example tasks include:- walking (or wheeling if in a chair) for 2 kilometres carrying a survival pack, walking up and down 1000 stairs in one day (or 400 metre incline for chair users) in one day, collecting water from a tree, learning how and why to measure their own hydration levels, respiratory rate and recovery heart rate after high intensity exercise.  They can choose tasks that challenge their ability to move backwards, balance and juggle, that assist others with physically demanding chores, or they can give gifts of fitness and go plogging!


Rest assured

  • A wide range of fitness levels and abilities are catered for: There are wheelchair friendly options, options for injured students, and options to suit all types of personalities and preferences.
  • Programme duration: We suggest 15 weeks to complete 30 tasks, which provides plenty of time to gain competency and confidence with the tasks, but completing them in anything from a half-day event to a year are all viable options.
  • Solo and teams: Virtually all of the challenges can be done solo or in groups or teams.
  • Technology:  Nope. We purposefully designed a technologically glitch-free, hands-on, time-away-from-your-screens type of programme.   In rare instances, there are activities which utilise apps or computers, but there are heaps of screen-free alternative challenges.
  • Task time: Some tasks only take a few minutes, others need to be done over several days and others may take an hour or more.
  • Equipment required: For the most part this is minimal and easily accessible like plastic bags, tennis balls, rulers etc. The most challenging ‘equipment’ is a swimming pool. However the two pool tasks can be easily skipped.
  • Home or school:  Most tasks are well suited for doing both at school and at home.


Downloads Immedietly

Survive pack includes

  • Student Survive manual

  • Teacher’s guide

  • Survived certificates

  • Posters

  • License to distribute to all your students