Other resources for schools

Move More

Posters showing your commitment to movement.  Te reo Māori & Noongar options.

Poster one of the Catch Fitness resources


Latest research plus articles, videos and links to other school fitness programmes.

Insights Catch Fitness resources

The S.H.A.C

Student’s Healthy Activity Council, supporting students to join in the discussion.

The S.H.A.C. one of the Catch Fitness resources


Fitness snippets for your newsletters plus ideas for your school that parents will love!

Resources free snippets newsletters

Resources for staff wellbeing

Staff Magazines

Your very own school magazine for teachers and support staff! Full of healthy ideas.

12 Wellbeing Challenges

One for each month of the year.  Designed specifically for workplaces. Unique, easy and useful.

Catch Me If You Can

It’s the ‘Fitness Chase’ but for adults! Functional fitness activities. All less than 30 seconds!

Workplace Challenge

Win dosh and resources for rolling out a healthy fitness initiative which supports your staff in 2022.

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