Other Cool Programmes

Can a school ever have too many options when it comes to improving the health and fitness of our youth?  We think not.

Here’s a few we have found on our journeys relevant to this 10+ age group, and which are mostly provided online, so have more of a global applicability. Word of warning, we haven’t tried all of these ourselves.

For more ideas check out our Research and Insights page where we mention Burn2Learn, some walking programmes and a few other interesting efforts that are still in trial phase.

Drop us a line if you are aware of other ones we can include.

*We are not affiliated with these businesses and don’t receive remuneration to mention them.

  1. M3 – Mindfulness for Children – Includes breathing techniques, movements with elements of Yoga and Māori  stories all downloadable in 10 videos.
  2. Māori  Movement – Not specifically designed for children but well suited to them. Lots of free videos all sprinkled with meaning and stories.
  3. Yulunga Traditional Indigenous games –  over 100 traditional Indigenous Australian games created to provide all Australians with an opportunity to learn about, appreciate and experience aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures.
  4. Tai Chi for Kids -A 1 hour video to help develop concentration and co-ordination.
  5. Born To Move – A Les Mills programme and requires deliverers to be trained up so a few more hurdles, but a good one for your keen bean PE teachers to look into.
  6. Hot Chocolate Breathing – And other neat named mindful movements from Louise Shanagher
  7. Dr Cam  – Leader in the application of genetics and epigenetics, has a programme for parents to use with their children. Dr Cam is a highly engaging presenter for schools, parents and teachers.
  8. Fitter Future – Online videos for use in primary school classroom. Looks to be hugely successful in the UK.
  9. Paul Zientarski Zientarski turned 19,000 students into the fittest and smartest in the US!  His programmes were the subject of SPARK by Dr John Ratey and two TEDx talks.  Zientarski, a huge advocate of brain breaks, had students do exercise before the subjects they were struggling in.  Their school skyrocketed into No.1 in science and no.6 in Maths, across the world!