ME Time Programmes

The ME Time programmes are designed specifically to improve the concentration levels of students during class time as well as to help improve mood, health and cognitive ability.

The programmes consist of  30 second Mini Exercise breaks to be used whenever students are sitting for long periods and/or doing repetitive or challenging tasks.

The exercises are achievable by students of all abilities, are easy to roll out inside the class room, are not prone to any technical glitches and are minimally disruptive.

Studies show that regular short breaks is essential for good health.  Layer those breaks with exercises that challenge strength, balance, flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, range of motion, posture, and that incorporate deep breathing and mindfulness, and the benefits are even bigger.

Each ME Time programme includes tips to help students engage and ideas on how to evaluate the programme’s success.

  • The Original Series consists of 4 posters, each with 24 exercises, for ages 8 – 13.  The first 2 posters are also available with a little te reo Māori (New Zealand) or Noongar (Aboriginal from Western Australia).   Stickers are also available of the original series.
  • The Teens Edition is designed especially for ages 13 and older and considered the most important one for schools to take on board, this being the age when students are doing less exercise generally and more sitting.
  • The Mastery Series is for all ages.

Discover more about the benefits of micro breaks in this ME Time article. 


Micro breaks Me Time Teacher's Guide Cover



Me Time Teacher's Guide Cover
Optional posters