Fitness Chase


The Fitness Chase offers 30 activities for your students to train for, over 4 – 12 weeks, at home or school, before competing in the ‘Fitness Chase’.

The Chase itself is a one hour event, on a time and day to suit your school, that calls on the kids/teens to complete 15 of the 30 activities, plus a few surprises and which we interact with, in real time, from afar.

Package includes posters, award certificates, tips for teachers and activity lists with instructions for students.

Importantly, while you can share all the activities with all the students at your school, and use them for other games/ideas at your school, only 30 can complete in the official Fitness Chase event – in 3 groups of up to 10.

If need be, students can compete at the same time from different locations.

We can run more Fitness Chase events for groups of 30 students at $149 per event.

Each group will also require one smart phone or iPad in order to upload a video or photo into the platform we use, allowing us to score their points and collate so they can be returned to your school for use and before deleting our end.

Read more about the chase here.