Planet Kaha®

For schools wanting more students to be
more active, fitter and healthier.

Planet Kaha®is a health and fitness programme designed specifically to help those students who are least likely to engage in physical activity.  It is nevertheless beneficial to all students, inclusive of the very active and fit students.

Recommended for students aged 11 and older but with a little more support from teachers or parents can be an excellent solution for younger students too.

Easy to roll out Planet Kaha
Students and teachers all happy using Planet Kaha

How it works

Cover of Planet Kaha Mission books

Students are given Missions, like travelling to other planets and saving the world!


To prepare for Missions students do hands on, real life, no iPad needed, F.A.B challenges.

  • Each Mission contains 20 F.A.B. challenges



These challenges involve taking a look at eating habits and lifestyle choices. Students are challenged to eat more fruit and veges, stay hydrated and get enough sleep.



The majority of the challenges are movement based addressing cardiovascular fitness, strength, flexibility, power, agility, balance, dexterity and endurance.



These challenges look at ways to improve cognitive skills and stress levels, solve problems and plan a healthy future for themselves and others.

  • Students choose any 12 of the 20 challenges to complete a Mission

  • Virtual and real rewards up for grabs!

The first two Missions

In Mission 1, students learn about the benefits of throwing weights, exercising after meal-times, using stand up desks, balancing, moving fast and using their less-dominant hand. They’ll get to try different fruits, as well as a dance where every move is called out to them. They’ll measure how much water they drink as well as their resting heart rate and respiratory rate. They’ll learn about tying knots, planning a healthy future, helping others and giving gifts that benefit other people’s health and fitness.

In Mission 2, students learn about the benefits of warming up before exercise, doing handstands, hopping, (or curb jumping if they use a wheelchair), and being able to tread water. They’ll get to try different vegetables, taste different spices, and have a shot at making water. They’ll keep a record of how much sleep they get and of good deeds they could do in their community. They’ll also put together a survival kit, learn about good posture and come up with ways to increase their levels of motivation.

Planet Kaha challenge examples

Winning features

  1. Low cost

  2. Easy to roll out

  3. Plenty of choices for students

  4. Solo & group activities, for school & home

  5. Progress rewards

  6. Educational

  7. Student accountability

  8. Student input

  9. Adaptable by teachers

  10. Complete with everything you need

  11. Professional input

  12. We’re not an app

  13. We’re built on success!


  1. Low cost
    Purchase from as little as $99 plus GST, allowing you to roll out Mission 1 and 2 to an unlimited number of students at your school!  Most of the challenges utilize readily accessible items and completing a Mission needn’t involve any additional expenditure.
  2. Easy to roll out
    We appreciate that teachers already have a heavy workload and accordingly have made the programme easy to roll out.
  3. Plenty of choices
    Students can choose which challenges to do based on their personality type, fitness level and capabilities, their likes and their dislikes and the time they have available.  Options are also available for those who are injured, or have limited use of their legs and/or who use wheelchairs.
  4. Solo options
    Students can complete many of the challenges solo and at home as an alternative to doing in groups and at school .
  5. Rewarding of action
    Every challenge completed score points that add up to reward all students with real certificates and virtual prizes  No one receives extra points for being the fastest or the first or getting the ‘best’ result.
  6. Educational
    Over the course of the Missions we want students to gain an understanding and appreciation of…
  • the flow on benefits of physical activity on cognitive abilities, mood, sleep, fitness and energy levels
  • how being fit and healthy can benefit not just ourselves, but also the people we work, live and socialize with
  • sharing knowledge and resources with our family, friends and community
  • the value of building ‘strong’ communities and the role they can play in helping that happen
  • the health and activity services and opportunities available in the local community
  • activities from different cultures as well as few words!  All our character names mean strong in another language.   For example, ‘Moordidjabiny’  (Noongar) is the giant smiling gold toothed kangaroo, Qiángdà (Chinese) the wise dwarf dragon, and ‘Sterk’ (Afrikaans) the courage giving lion.
  1. Accountability
    Requiring students to provide evidence to their teachers of having successfully completed challenges is a key piece in ensuring kids complete tasks, stay motivated and appreciate their achievements.
  2. Student input
    In 2020 we launch The S.H.A.C. – The Students Healthy Action Council, to look at how to improve activity levels and fitness from the perspective of the students themselves.    Students also get the opportunity to design their own challenges and Missions and to become Planet Kaha famous as we roll a selection of their ideas out to other students.
  3. Adaptable time frames, location, tasks
    Teachers can choose: – 1) how long students have to complete Missions – one day, one week, one term or the whole year, 2) the time when challenges are done – during schools hours, for homework or on school camp, and 3) to remove/veto any challenges for any reason, knowing there will still be lots remaining for students to choose from.
  4. Complete package
    Included are award certificates and a choice of posters, as well as a Teacher’s Guides and Student Mission Manuals, with options to have fully printed our end or yours, or provided to you digitally through your own school portal. Plus there’s a free 3D print file of the Planet Kaha key ring logo, as well optional prizes to purchase like stickers and t-shirts.
  5. Professional input. This programme has been reviewed by and had much clever input from teachers, parents and kids, award winning registered exercise professionals, exercise scientists, dietitians, degree qualified nutritionists, therapists (including a clinical psychologist and registered psychotherapy practitioner), university lecturers, physical education graduates and writers of children books.
  6. We’re not an app.  Lots of things lend themselves well to being an app and in the future more things will but at the moment, to ensure equitable access,  minimal increase in teacher workload and maximum adherence for student involvement, we’ve opted to not appify this very hands on, in the field programme.  You can read about some of the problems others have incurred in the appification of physical activity programmes on our Research & Insights page or you can just think about when you last had a great bike ride, snowboarded down a mountain, swam with dolphins, hiked up the top of a mountain.  No app could have replaced that feeling, and that’s the feelings we are chasing.  Motivation and adherence principles sometimes work best outside of the confines of an app, and after chatting with teachers, this we believe, is most definitely one of those occasions.
  7. We’re built on success!
    More than 3000 participants took part in our previous health and fitness challenge. 97 percent of the feedback we received advised us that entrants regarded themselves as successful and 99 percent recommended it. We ran it for 10 years before developing a youth programme based around its winning principles. Check out the graphs below to see the improvements across a whole host of useful health and lifestyle aspects.
    Healthy challenge improvements graphHealthy challenge improvements

Option 1- $99

Mission 1 & 2 – Immediate Download

Download and print off your end or share online with all students at your school.

  • Student Mission Manual 1 & 2
  • Teacher’s Guides
  • Award Certificates
  • 12 x Posters

Purchase this option and you can also order hard copies, in any quantity, for delivery.

Option 2 – $249

Mission 1 – Delivered

Order a Mission 1 kit complete with everything printed out for 30 students.

  • 1 x Teacher’s Guide
  • 30 x Student Mission Manuals
  • 30 x Award Certificates
  • 4 x Laminate Posters

Purchase additional hard copies, in any quantity, for delivery, of both Mission 1 and Mission 2 material.

Additional Missions $50

Cover of Planet Kaha Mission books


What you’ve put together is outstanding and will no doubt have an impact on the health  of our children who are suffering in so many ways in today’s modern world.

Dr Nick Kimber: PhD. Exercise Scientist. Registered Degree Qualified Nutritionist. Father of two boys.

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