The Fitness Chase

The Fitness Chase provides 30 activities for up to 30 students (aged 11+ ) to practise before competing in the ‘Fitness Chase’.

The Chase itself is a one hour event, on a time and day to suit your school where students complete 15 of the 30 activities, plus a few surprises.


The aim of the game is to help increase physical activity levels of students and increase their competence in a broad range of areas including strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, speed, power, co-ordination and dexterity.

The activities are diverse and suit a wide range of fitness levels and abilities, personality types and preferences. For the most part students can also pick and choose which activities they do on the day, but not always. The more activities students feel competent at going into the event, the better.

Fitness chase resources schools

Providing students with the list of activities  4 – 8 weeks before the event and providing them with the opportunity to practise them is where many of the benefits lay i.e. helping students to get fitter as well as more competent and confident.

What now?

Purchase the game and you will automatically be able to download the 30 activities as well as posters and pictures to putting around your school/gym or for inclusion into your newsletter, as well as a list of equipment required and award certificates to give out after the event.  After the event we also email you photos and videos from the day.

Example activity

One of the activities is balancing on one leg for 20 seconds (wheelchair users, with front wheels off the ground).   The Fitness Chase event activity may require 50% of the team to do the challenge,  or we may ask for all those with a first name starting with a letter between A and M to do the activity.

Teams/students can have as many attempts as they like of any activity on the day but the clock is ticking.  They will only have one hour to do all the activities.

All three teams are given the same activities.


  • $129 per event for 30 students in three teams. Includes activity lists, downloadable posters, certificates, photos and videos from the day.  10% discount when multiple games are purchased by the same school.
  • $229 for  a complete hard copy set with certificates, posters and activity lists for 30 players already printed out and delivered to your door.

Add GST to all prices.

Privacy: No student names or details are requested or required by us to run the Fitness Chase. We do not keep a copy of any photos or videos and delete all of them within 12 weeks of the event.  Prior to this we forward a copy of all photos and videos to the email address of the school, provided to us on registration. No photos, videos or other material will by used by us in any way that identifies students or the school without your express consent.  Our full privacy policy can be found here.