The Fitness Chase

COVID 19 friendly

30 x 30 second physical activities for students (aged 11+ ) to practise, at school or home, for between 4 and 8 weeks,  before then competing in the ‘Fitness Chase’.  Ideal for giving to students during lockdown!

The Chase itself is a fun one hour event, on a time and day to suit your school where up to 30 students at a time complete 15 of the 30 activities they have been practising, plus a few surprise activities.

Teams can compete at the same time from 3 different locations.


Fitness chase resources schools

The aim of the game is to help increase physical activity levels of students and increase their competence in a broad range of areas including strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance, speed, power, co-ordination and dexterity.

The activities are diverse and suit a wide range of fitness levels and abilities, personality types and preferences.  They are also only 30 seconds in duration!

For the most part students can also pick and choose which activities they do on the day but the more activities students feel competent at going into the event, the better!

Key for schools is simply to give students the list of activities  4 – 8 weeks before the event so they have an opportunity to practise them in the lead up i.e.  to get fitter, more competent and confident.

Equipment required: On the day each team needs one smartphone or ipad between them in to upload a 30 second video or photo as evidence of them achieving the activity and all of which you can download and share after the event!

The rest of the equipment required is all readily available, easily accessible stuff, like tennis balls, plastic bags, a ruler, milk containers etc.

Example activity

One of the activities is balancing on one leg for 20 seconds (wheelchair users, with front wheels off the ground).   For  4- 8 weeks students will get the chance to practise this.  During the Fitness Chase event 50% of each team may be required to do that challenge at the same time.  Or just all those with a first name starting with a letter between A and M.   Extra points may be scored if the other team members clap and cheer during the challenge.

One person from the team films the attempt and uploads it.  Teams can have as many attempts as they like of any activity but the clock is ticking.  They only have one hour to do all the activities.

At the end,  give certificates for the team that scored the most points, was most enthusiastic, had the best photo, was the loudest, whatever you like etc.




We run the show

Immediately download activity lists, posters and share with all students at one school. 30 of them can then compete in 3 teams of 10 people in a Fitness Chase event, that we participate in from afar.  After the event, we will send you all the photos and videos from the day and you can use the downloaded certificates to congratulate everyone on their efforts. There is an additional $150 for each Fitness Chase we run for your school with a max of 30 students in 3 groups of 10.



DIY – You run the show

Perfect for schools with a keen bean teacher in the ranks who wants to run the Fitness Chase event and have wads of fun in the process.

Immediately download activity lists and posters to share with all students at your school then run the Fitness Chase event as often as you like, without the need for us at Catch Fitness, having to be involved.

Use the super easy to use App to tweak the activities however you like.  Download all the photos and videos from the day directly and dish out heaps of certificates at the end.




Not currently available due to Covid19 –   Hard copies for 30 players delivered to your door, digital copies emailed, plus one Fitness Chase event, run by us for 30 of your students.

Privacy: No student names or details are requested or required by us to run the Fitness Chase. Re: Option 1: We do not keep a copy of any photos or videos and delete all of them within 12 weeks of the event.  Prior to this we forward a copy of all photos and videos to the email address of the school, provided to us on registration. No photos, videos or other material will by used by us in any way that identifies students or the school without your express consent.  Our full privacy policy can be found here.