Win Win!  $1000 in prizes.

Catch Fitness School Challenge

Help more students to be more active and be in to win cash and resources for your school.

We’re in the final stages of putting this Challenge together.  Some details may alter prior to us finalizing it on December 1st, 2019.  Please feel free to contact us with your ideas.


  1. Register your school in the Catch Fitness School Challenge.
  2. Roll out a physical activity project at your school in 2020.
  3. Submit up to two projects for our judges consideration before October 1st, 2020.


Projects will be judged on their ability:-

  • to assist more students to move, more often, and/or
  • to get students moving in ways that are new to your school, and/or
  • that effectively break up long periods of sitting.

Judges will look favourably on projects engaging students that research shows, or your school’s experience reveals,  are generally less active.

*Research tells us that less active students are likely to include: those from lower socioeconomic families, families where neither parent is active, females, as well as those who are ill, injured or otherwise have reduced physical capabilities. Many students also do less activity as they enter into and progress through their teens.   These findings may not be true for your school however and important to our judges is that your school’s project addresses a need or gap relevant to your school.


The minimum prizes are:-

  • Prize 1: Overall Winner: 1 x $200 cash and $200 Catch Fitness resources.  This category is for all projects that don’t use Catch Fitness resources/products in their implementation.
  • Prize 2: Catch Fitness Winner: 1 x $200 cash and $200 Catch Fitness resources.  This category is for projects that do utilize Catch Fitness resources, like ‘ME Time’, ‘Planet Kaha’ or the ‘Fitness Chase’.
  • Prize 3: Value $200 – to be advised.
  • Finalist Awards: The top five projects in each category will each receive a Finalist Award.
  • Student Awards: Two ‘Outstanding Achievement’ awards are given per school.  These are awarded to students who have been nominated by the school.

We welcome collaboration with businesses to add to the prize pool.  Businesses can contact us directly here to be involved.


  • Registration is $35 per school and allows schools to submit two projects for consideration.
  • Projects do not need to use a Catch Fitness programme, but if they do they will be in a separate category and eligible for a seperate prize.
  • Registration is included with all purchases from our Catch Fitness for Schools website shop of more than $29.


The number of students that need to be involved. You don’t need the majority of students at your school/in your class to be involved for your initiative to be a winning one.  If it engages even just 10 kids who would really benefit from more physical activity, or from trying a new activity, then you’re on the right track.

Duration. It could be a one off event on just one day,  or it might run for 5 minutes a day for a term. It’s totally up to you.

Who can be involved.  Students, teachers, parents and/or local exercise providers.


The project needs to be:-

  1. new to your school, and/or
  2. delivered in a distinctly new way.

New activity. Any activity your school hasn’t been involved in before – parkour, frisbee/disc golf, a self defense course, a Gaga pit, a new style of dance or martial arts, an ‘Amazing Race’ or ‘Muddy Challenge’?

A new take on an existing activity. As an example your school could provide the opportunity to play an existing sport but in a social format where no uniform is required and teams/ positions are drawn out of a hat each week with games running for only half the normal duration.

Reducing sitting time: Your math teacher introduces physical activity into their classes like this one.

Coming up with ideas: Each month we will send you a few ideas but you could also challenge groups of students, staff and parents to come up with new ideas.  Vote on the most viable ones and invite people to help out with rolling it out.  We’ve done up a few posters to help you out on this front which you will receive when registering.

Submitting your project

  • All submissions need to be in by October 1st, 2020.
  • Submissions are to be made by email to and/or shared with us via a document portal such as Google Docs.

Each project submission needs to consists of:-

  1. Six photos. The subject of these should help judges appreciate and/or better understand your project.
  2. One video of up to 2 minutes in duration showing the activity, reactions to it and any required explanations.
  3. A summary document/letter of up to 500 words detailing the impact, benefits and potential of the programme.
  4. Nomination of two students at your school who you consider deserving of the Outstanding Achievement Award by virtue of their involvement in the project, together with up to 100 words about each student as to why they were so deserving.

What now

Register your school below or by purchasing any product/s to the value of $29 or more from our shop to receive your school entry.  Your registration includes a choice of posters and images to promote the Challenge with as well as a short monthly email with ideas and tips to ensure your project is a success.

Then each month we will send you an update including any additions to the prize pool, ideas to help your projects be a success and reminders to get your entries in.

Terms, Conditions & Privacy Issues

A. General

  1. Students, teachers, parents, community providers or a combination of any can be involved with the project.
  2. To be in to win your project needs to either be new to your school and/or delivered in a distinctly new way, ideally with the aim of drawing more students and/or other students in to it.
  3. Any costs involved in the roll out of the activity/project are the responsibility of the school.
  4. This competition is organised by Catch Fitness.  Aust: ABN 38 505 126 790.  NZ GST: 063-938-696

B. Registrations

  1. Registrations fees are in New Zealand dollars unless otherwise stated.
  2. Registrations can be cancelled in writing to Catch Fitness at within 30 days of purchase by the registering party for a full refund less a $5 administration fee.
  3. Registrations included with the purchase of a Catch Fitness product of $29 or over are not eligible for a refund.
  4. Each school can only register once.

Judging – Prizes – Winners

  1. Each school can submit two projects for the judges consideration.Judges decisions are final and no negotiation can be entered into.
  2. Winners will be announced on this website on November 1st and on our closed Facebook Group page  and emailed the same day.
  3. Catch Fitness will arrange delivery of all prizes to the winning schools and students within four weeks of winners being announced.
  4. All award certificates are provided in a digital format for printing off by the school/winner.
  5. All prizes must be claimed within six months of the draw date.
  6. All rights in any unclaimed prizes will return to the original owner after 6 months from the draw date.
  7. The 2020 competition is open to schools from New Zealand and Australia.
  8. While all schools are eligible for the $1000 prize pool, some additional prizes may only be applicable to schools in one country or the other.  It will be clearly noted when this is the case.

Privacy Issues

Specifically in relation to this School Challenge, all content of all entries inclusive of, but not limited to photos videos, become the property of Catch Fitness and may be used by ourselves or our subcontractors in public mediums like websites, newspaper articles, social media, for the purposes of showcasing the challenge i.e. for purposes related to this competition and for research, to help evaluate ways in which to improve physical activity levels at schools.  We aim to be highly respectful of people’s privacy and where possible collect very little personal information.  If at any stage the registering party, or anyone else who has provided us with personal details would like to update their information or have it deleted simply contact us.

YOUR ACTION: Please ensure the consent of any people appearing in your submissions is obtained where applicable and feel free to exclude identifying features of students, names and other identifying features if you feel this appropriate.

Privacy Policy – Click here for our general policy.


  1. The details of this competition and all T & C’s will be finalized on December 1st, 2020.