The Students Healthy Action Council – 2022

  • We are looking for between 8 and 16 students from anywhere in Australia or New Zealand to be part of SHAC 2022
  • Students can nominate themselves or teachers/parents/carers can nominate them.
  • The Council members will contribute ideas to helping kids worldwide become healthier with a focus on increasing activity levels.

Council members are :-

  • aged between 11 and 17 years.
  • full-time students at school/home-school.
  • are able to participate in three on-line live council meetings during the year. and put a total of 2 hours into¬† a project of their choosing to assist others at their school to be more active.
  • are keen to share ideas and brainstorm.
  • able to provide parental/carer consent.

It is intended that the Council will include members with different levels of fitness and interests in physical activity and be representative of the diversity in age, race, gender, ethnic and socio- economic backgrounds.

What’s in it for students

  • A free entry for their school into the Catch Fitness School Challenge.
  • A chance to share ideas and help more students be more active.
  • Something cool to put on their CV.
  • A council member certificate and digital badge.


Students simply need to:-

  1. tell us at why they would like to be on the Council.  They can do this via a short email, video, audio or picture. Their message should be shared with one parent/carer and their teacher before submitting to us.
  2. provide us with the email address of one parent/carer and their teacher.

We will get in contact within 14 days of receiving an application.

The S.H.A.C. one of the Catch Fitness resources